Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips of Fingerprint Security Usage

There many usages of the Samsung Galaxy S7 tips of fingerprint for the security system that will give you benefits. It is interesting that Samsung offers this security system. It will increase the security level of your privacy, even such an app, from people that use your phone. Probably, this will be the best system to secure your phone.

Here, there will be some explanation about how to activate and use the fingerprint as part of your security system. For you who have significant data inside your Samsung Galaxy S7, follow the necessary information below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips of Fingerprint: Activation

To activate the S7 fingerprint as your primary security system, you can directly head to the Setting menu. You can visit this menu through your home screen or the Quick access by scroll the notification bar. If you use the quick access, then tap the Setting icon that has the gear symbol.

galaxy s7 tips of fingerprint

Once you get to the Setting menu, scroll down until you find the Lock screen and security option. Tap it and look for the Fingerprint option. To add your fingerprint, tap the option Add a fingerprint. You will see the menu that requires you to choose for confirming your identity. There are three methods that you should select. They are the PIN mode, pattern and password mode. Choose the one that seems easier for you.

Enter the PIN or password if you choose either of them. If you feel there is a vibration, lift it. Follow the instruction and put your finger on the home button for scanning. Repeat this step until you see that it shows 100% for your process.

Select the notifications for this mode once it’s activated. Tap “Done options” on the bottom of the screen. And now, you can use these Samsung Galaxy S7 tips of the fingerprint as part of your daily and professional usage.

The Usage

The security system that uses fingerprint will benefit you in many ways in you know how to use it. It is not only to lock your phone so no one unable to access your data, but to do more important things.

One thing you can do is to help you using the Samsung Pay. You can confirm your identity with fingerprint easily. If you usually use this payment method, use a fingerprint to secure your payment system. You can also do the same for Google Play and other apps such as banking.

With these Samsung Galaxy S7 tips of a fingerprint, you can now make a transaction with your phone in a secure way.