Exceptional Samsung Galaxy S7 New Features to Please You

There are many Samsung Galaxy S7 new features that can blow your mind away. Even without the “new feature”, we already know that Samsung Galaxy is the best and they have beautiful performance with numerous outstanding features. However, in this Samsung Galaxy S7, there are several new features that you really can rely on. Below are some of the Samsung Galaxy S7 new features for you.

galaxy s7 new features

Samsung Galaxy S7 New Features You Need to Know

  1. Water-Resistant Feature: Underwater Selfie for Good

This Samsung Galaxy S7 is completed by waterproof technology. You can totally bring the smart phone under the water and take underwater selfie. It has water-resistant rating that has been certified. So, you do not need to worry about water spills, water splashes, and even the rain. Everything will be okay when you use this smart phone. You do not even have to use the bulky waterproof case when you go swimming.

  1. Expandable Memory for Big Files

There will be no way that you can run out of memory with this Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. If you do not think that 32GB memory is enough, you can add up to 200 GB additional memory. Isn’t great? You can safe whatever file you want to safe with no help of hard drive or cloud storage. Everything will be there in your smart phone safe and sound.

  1. Fast Wireless Charging for Simpler Life

This smartphone can be charged wirelessly. No cord no wires are needed here. Stop waiting until your smart phone battery is ready and full because just under several minutes you can charge your battery wirelessly and so rapidly.

That is why you really need to use Samsung Galaxy S7 if you are a mobile person with limited access to charging station. This is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 new features that can blow your mind away.