One Handed Mode Galaxy S7: How to Enable and Use this Feature

The higher and wider screen of Galaxy S7 makes some people think that it’s not accessible for one hand use only. But the fact isn’t that bad as what they thought. Samsung always comes with the solutions and features that will make the users, especially for the beginner to easily handle it. Below is the simple tips to use one handed mode on Galaxy S7.

So, talking about one hand usage, you can now modify the screen to look like smaller. The Smaller mode also can be used for the one hand mode too. With modification, you will easily to handle this display with one hand only. Is it possible? Of course, the thing you need is just to modify it, make the screen to be one-handed mode.

If you want to try to practice it, take a look for the explanation.

Steps to Enable One Handed Mode on Your Samsung Galaxy S7

To enable the one handed mode on the Galaxy S7, you should go to your Settings menu. After that, tap the Advanced Features. Scroll down if you didn’t see it. Once you tap it, you will see the menu to activate the one-handed mode.

one handed mode galaxy s7

And well done, you are just successfully to change the phone screen that suits you. When you are using Galaxy S7 with the one-handed mode, you will still feel luxurious of the PC-like phablet.

Additional information

The one-handed mode is not just about the screen only. The apps, the numbering, and the font will usually also be customized to be smaller so that the user can handle it with one hand only. Even if you don’t want all apps or the screen to be one-handed, you can handle one app or particular apps to be in one-handed mode. This is possible because Samsung has the setting that can be modified as the user’s want.

This is important to notice that the one-handed mode of Galaxy S7 is also can be modified by the screen adjustment. This is amazing because you can manage the one-handed mode freely.

If you just want to get back to the normal mode, you can switch it to be off.

Just follow the same instructions above and turn off the One-Handed Mode by switching the toggle. Once you are inactive with this mode, you will have the fixed screen that encourages you to operate in two hands.

But don’t worry, activate it whenever you want because now you understand well to turn it on and off. With this understanding, you can manage it to use Galaxy S7 at any time.