How to Improve Performance Samsung Galaxy S7 Easily

Sometimes our cell phones work very slow because too many applications in it. But the Samsung Galaxy S7 have several ways to overcome them. Usually most of the people delete of an application that appears to slow it down on the phone. There is a hidden tricks for you to solve the problem and also to improve performance Samsung Galaxy S7. To do this follow these steps:

Tips to Improve Performance Samsung Galaxy S7

  1. Go to setting and point to the last panel, entitled “System”
  2. Select “About Device”
  3. When it says “Build Number” tap the box seven (7 times).

This will allow developers hidden from the settings menu. We will help you to accelerate the Galaxy S7. You will see a prompt that has been opened.

improve performance samsung galaxy s7

To further accelerate the performance of the phone, we had to change three quick setting about half the screen.

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Select Options Developer.
  3. Scroll down a little more than half way to Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Scale Animator Duration. Everything is set to 1x.

Turning these values ​​until (the higher figure) you will see animations and screen transitions become very slow.

After you change from three settings in the blue box at the top of the value fell from 1.0x to 0.5x, open the application swipe through screens or do something all the animated and the effect will be cut in half it will make your phone work two times faster than before.

Another way to make it work faster is the long press anywhere on the homes creen empty and manage windows of the house. Scroll over the “Briefing” which is an interesting application of news from various sources and turn them off. Now you can use your phone with a fast and slow does not work anymore.