How To Use Split Screen On Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Detailed Manual

Owners of smartphones of the South Korean brand often ask how to do split screen Samsung S7 and thereby expand the capabilities of the device. After enabling this function, you can simultaneously work in several applications on one screen. Previously you had to install additional applications, but with the advent of Android 6.0 on Samsung devices became available built-in option. On some smartphones dual screen appeared only with the 7.0 version of Android. How to split screen on Samsung Galaxy S7?

How to Make Split Screen Samsung S7

To use the useful option in practice, it is important to know how to split the screen into two parts on the Samsung. There are three ways to do s7

Galaxy S7 Split Screen: Option #1

The easiest way to make split screen Galaxy S7 – using the multitasking button. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  • Press the multitasking button (standard square on Android).
  • Wait for all running programs to appear.
  • Select a single application, “grab” the window by the top, and then move it down or up on the Samsung display.
  • In the list, which will remain in the remaining part, select another application and click on the window. It should appear in the second part of the display.

If you manage to make a double screen, the separator between the different applications can be moved left-right, up-down, thus changing the proportion between the two windows.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Split Screen: Option #2

There is an even simpler way to S7 Edge split screen. Here you need to go through the following steps:

  • Open the program of interest in normal mode.
  • Long press on the “square” of the smartphone.
  • Wait until the list of other running programs appears.
  • Click on the other software you need. It should open in the same part of the display.

These actions are enough to make a double screen. As in the last case, you can change the proportion of dimensions by moving the intermediate strip.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Split Screen: Option #3

Another way to turn on the double screen on the Samsung is to use the settings. The instructions are as follows:

  • Bring up the quick settings screen by moving the top bar down.
  • Click on the settings section (Developer mode may be required).
  • Click Settings and then select System UI Tuner.
  • Activate the split display option with a gesture.
  • Subsequently, splitting is possible by pressing the multitasking button.

There is another way how to make a Galaxy S7 Edge split screen through the settings. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Enter Settings mode.
  • Go to the Additional functions section.
  • Activate multi-window mode.
  • Press and hold the Recent button to switch the program from full-screen to split-screen mode.

As a result of the described actions it is possible to make the display divided into two equal parts with the ability to run two different programs simultaneously.

Useful Tips: How to Use the Split Screen or Dual Window for Better Productivity

In this video you will find a tutorial about how to use Split Screen feature on Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to use two application at the same time on screen to improve productivity.

What Can It Be Useful For

The feature that allows you to split the screen is very useful. Its disadvantage is that it works well only in powerful smartphones. When using it on weak phones, the picture will slow down. This is especially true if the user runs two powerful applications simultaneously. For optimal performance (without brakes) on the Samsung phone should be at least 2 GB of RAM or s7

How Do I Turn Off Split Screen On Galaxy S7

If desired, the user can turn off the split view S7 at any time. To do this, you can use one of two methods:

  • Pressing the multitasking button;
  • Dragging the divider all the way up or down.


Now you know how to first make, and later how to remove the dual screen on the Samsung. This option is indispensable for active smartphone users who often work in two applications simultaneously. In this case, the algorithm for enabling the function may vary depending on the version of Android. Since version 9.0, smartphone manufacturers (including Samsung) have hidden the function deeper, so it takes a little longer to make a dual display. At the same time, the function can be called faster after proper s7