Samsung Galaxy S7 64GB Australia Pricing and Availability

Do you want to have Samsung Galaxy S7? If you living in Australia, you should know about Galaxy S7 64GB Australia pricing and availability. As we know that galaxy S7 is the newest product of Samsung, and its availability is not same in every country. So, you should know the price in Australia to know the price range of galaxy S7 in your country. Here the information for you.

Price Range of Galaxy S7 64GB Australia and its Specification

There are two types of galaxy S7. First is galaxy S7 (5.1 inch) and the second is galaxy S7 Edge (5.5 inch). The price of galaxy S7 is at AU$ 1,149 and the S7 edge is at AU$ 1,249. There are two ways to buy this phone. You can by it with contract or non contract. You can decide it depends on your budget.

galaxy s7 64gb australia

About specification, this phone is very sophisticated. It has high resolution screen (1440×2560 pixels) with quad HD super amoled, so you can see the best display ever. Not only about it, galaxy S7 also has 32 or 64 GB as internal storage, so you can save many file and other application. 4 GB RAM also will make you feel so satisfied to run many applications on it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 also completed with primary camera (12 MP), and secondary camera (5 MP). You can take picture in high resolution. For you who like browsing or run application by online, you will be satisfied by 4G LTE connectivity. The capacities of battery (3000 mAH) will also make you satisfied to use galaxy S7 because it can stay alive for long time. It also has 6.0 Marshmallow as operating system, it makes you can operate the phone easily.

  • Telstra offering a wide range of plans starting at $79 per month for the S7 and $86 per month on Telstra’s $55 plan which includes 1GB data and $550 calls. All of Telstra’s plans run for 24 months.
  • Optus plans start from $24 per month for the S7 and $31 for the S7 Edge on a $40 plan, which includes 500MB data and unlimited calls and text. Optus’ deals are also on a 24-month contract.
  • Vodafone also has a wide range of plans, but is recommending the $7 per month plan for the S7 on a $70 plan for 24 months with 6GB of data. The same plan costs $20 per month for the S7 Edge.
  • Virgin cheapest plan starts at $60 per month for S7 and $65 per month for the S7 Edge. These plans include $300 of calls and text and 300MB of data.

So, what are you waiting for? You can buy this phone and chose the color that match with your personality. Then, operate it happily. Hopefully the article about galaxy S7 64GB Australia pricing above will be helpful for you.