How to Activate Always On Display Mode on Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 be the best smartphone for now. With a lot of embedded features make the smartphone is very powerfull. One of the features that exist in the Galaxy S7 is Always On Display.

Always On Display is a feature can show a little bit of information around on the screen when the phone is in standby, and you no need to unlock your device to see this feature. By default you get the day and date, time, battery level, and basic notifications from a select apps, like Samsung’s email client and missed phone calls.  If you want to activate Always On Display mode on Galaxy S7, see this guide below.

Activate Always On display mode on galaxy s7

Guide to Activate Always On display mode on Galaxy S7

Always On Display feature does not come enabled straight out of the box, but it’s super easy to activate.

You can set the device to display information, such as a clock, calendar, or image, on the screen when it is turned off.

  1. On the Settings screen, tap Display → Always on display and tap the switch to activate it.
  2. Tap Content to show and select an item to display.

Clock: Select a clock style and a background image.

Calendar: Select a calendar style.

Image: Select an image to display on the screen when it is turned off.

When the screen is off, the device will display the selected information. This feature will be deactivated when the battery power drops below 5%.

You will find the option to select what’s displayed on your display screen. The alternatives are actually very limited. You just have the solutions to change the clock design and also background image. In case you’d enjoy having a play around with the alternatives, click the button entitled Content to Display on the Always On Display menu.